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Our testimonials showcase individual personal experiences with our testing sessions and botanical frequencies for animals

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Storm's story ... Storm is a rare palomino saddlebred.  As naturally high-strung breed, Diane just accepted that when Storm got upset, he would get totally wound up and out of control.  His insecurity caused him to crowd other horses, as well.  Since taking our Separation Anxiety Remedy, Storm has become relaxed, confident and a much more trustworthy mount.  In Diane's words  "Storm has become the horse of my dreams!"

Kazi is a siamese cat who was very fearful, and was traumatized whenever his owners left on vacation.  Sandra writes .... "I am quite pleased with the way Kazi is responding to the FlorAlive Essences. He is calmer and appears happier. Noises that once would send him running for cover barely get his attention now."

"My vet is very traditional and never would have given me the variety of solutions you have just shown me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Heather H  St Cathairnes  

Veteran thoroughbred trainer W Wolff says "There is no doubt I saw a difference in the behavior of my racehorses immediately after they received FlorAlive custom blends.  They became calmer, more focused, more confident.  I always use ReviveAll after a race to promote faster recovery and Madame Fate to shield my horses from negativity around the track.  It's inexpensive and it really seems to work."

"As an experiment, I gave your FlorAlive custom race horse blend to my 2yr old thoroughbreds when I started to break them.  All of them trained well under saddle and were ready to go to the track in just 3 weeks!  No separation anxiety when placed in stalls for the first time, no bucking or acting up, in spite of all the new things they experienced.  They all seemed exceptionally confident, sensible, and ready to work hard.  This was the easiest spring breaking session I have ever had." 

NOTE:  Throughout the race meet, thoroughbreds trained using our custom Performance Horse Blend continued to demonstrate much greater calm sensibility, adaptability to change, and better attitude toward work than other thoroughbreds 

"Max has been great--he is acting more like a dog and is a lot of fun to be around lately"  Debbie C  Fonthill ON

"Oki has had a huge turn around. The day after we had you over, he was so different at my parents they did not think it was the same dog.  Also on the Thursday night during Bella's training, he sat quietly with Peter holding his leash. The trainer was impressed, she may be calling you about one of her dogs."  Delana B  Thorold ON

Coco's story ... Coco was a 3yr old labradoodle who suffered from life-long incontinence.  Towels and blankets covered the surface of the floors, couches and chairs in Coco's home.  Her owner visited 3 different vets over a period of 3 years desperately trying to find a solution.  Coco also developed a very agressive attitude when on walks and her owner was forced to use a prong collar to control her.  As a last resort, Anne called me.  First, we tested Coco's food and medications to see what was right and wrong for her and recommended a healthier diet.  Then we created a custom frequency formula for Coco.  Within days of starting on her custom formula, Coco walked quietly in a harness and no longer needed the prong collar.  Amazingly, she is no longer incontinent!  Here is Anne's eport on Coco ...  "It seems that today the news are a lot more encouraging...  Coco is definitely doing better.  The last three days have been pretty good...  Not perfect, but close.  I wanted to thank you for taking care of her.  Coco is a lot more calm & happy.  So, it gives me my life back..  Thank you again.  By the way, these last 3 days, she has been completely dry!..."  Anne LeF  St Catharines

We then suggested Coco's owner take a custom blend along with her dog.  This was to release any issues that might make her anxious that Coco's condition would return.  Here is the update ...  "Things are improving also for me.  I feel more focused on what I want to do.  My mind is less busy... it seems.  I am more peaceful ... & Coco seems more peaceful too!  She was fine again today ... there is no urine puddles in the house anymore ... Unbelievable! isn' t it? ... but true!  I am so thankful I know you.  I do not feel alone anymore... Somebody cares & do not treat me as if I was ... I do not know what exactly. You care..."  Anne LeF  St Catharines

Here is Ann'e latest follow up ... "Where should I start?... Where would I be if I did not meet you?... Coco is doing much better: She is definitely less aggressive & still does not have any "accidents".  For me, well, to make a long story short, I contacted my mother who was very happy. She told me that life was too short... You know, I am very ignorant about the things you do, but... it works, & I am amazed! ... So, again, I want to thank you for what you did to Coco & I"  Anne LeF  St Catharines

Mel W. has been raising and training throughtbreds for more than 30 years.  After shipping his favorite 2 yr old filly to the racetrack to start her in training, Mel found the filly's anxiety was uncontrollable.  He tried everything he could think of to no avail.  In desperation he asked another trainer if she had anything that could calm the horse.  And that is how Mel first discovered the outstanding effectiveness of our Enlightened Feelings special blend for easing separation anxiety.  Mel now regularly gives Separation Anxiety Remedy to all his horses when they first ship to and from the racetrack and swears by its effectiveness.  Mel got an outstanding win from a lacklustre thoroughbred immediately after starting the horse on our Performance Blend.  He now gives all his race horses Performance Horse Blend when they start training and before they race  



Theo's story ... Theo is a dog who was exhibiting high pitched anxiety barking.  After we created a custom blend for Theo, his owner Michelle writes ... "Theo is doing amazingly well on the essences.  He's like a new dog.  My family noticed the difference at Thanksgiving, so it's not just me and my wishful thinking."

Michelle also says that Theo now seems to have an elevated consciousness after taking his FlorAlive custom blend.  He seems to understand his owners better and feels a higher purpose



We received an emergency plea from a volunteer at the Humane Society telling us that a stray dog named Joey had suddenly turned vicious and was going to be euthenized because he could no longer be adopted out.  Using a photo of the dog to test for the right frequencies needed, we created a custom formula and donated it to the humane society to be administered to the dog.  Five days later we received this email ... "Just want to let you know that Joey the dog who urgently needed out of Lincoln Humane, has been helped and will be going to a new home tomorrow.  Great news indeed and thanks to you, your kindness, generosity and knowledge there is a happy ending! " ''




Stashin' Ashes story ...  'Stash' showed consistently poor performance, running wide on the far turn, always trailing last in the home stretch, never putting out any real effort.  As a last resort, his trainer called me to help 
After 'communicating' with Stash I learned that he had simply given up.  He was frustrated that no one listened to him or let him run the way he wanted to run.  He had developed pain in the hip and sacral area as a result of feeling stifled and held back
The trainer confirmed that the horse was 'off' in the back end.  I advised that the horse was very fast and powerful and needed to be allowed to run wire to wire without being rated or checked.  I recommended E-3 Live to provide calm energy and emotional uplifting.  I created a custom frequency formula and relieved the hip pain with SCENAR Therapy and Reiki
The trainer gave my instructions to the jockey.  A long-shot, Stashin' Ashes won in a commanding victory, wire to wire by 8.5 lengths widening.  He won again soon after in a photo finish (see photo above) 

 /i//Kiris_Kiss_web.jpgKiris Kiss' story ...  "Kiss' was deemed to be unpredicatble and 'crazy' and, as a result, the trainer adamantly refused to continue training.  Before giving up on her, the owner called me to see if the filly could be helped
During my assessment I determined that she was suffering from severely inflamed ovaries and a hormonal imbalance.  No wonder she would flip over on riders and act wild and uncontrollable!  I recommended a MSA test to verify if my 'assessment' was correct.  It was.   
The filly was administered an inexpensive homeopathic remedy to restore hormonal balance.  Within two weeks the trainer reported she was training well and showing huge potential.  Kiriss Kiss won effortlessly in her second start (see above)

 /i//Shelbury.jpgShelbury's story ...  'Shelby' wasn't performing or training well and there didn't seem to be a cause.  During my assessment I discovered that Shelby simply lacked grounding and focus.  In short, she was an 'airhead'
Shelby was given custom botanical frequencies to boost her focus and competitiveness.  To ground her and restore balance, she received Reiki.  To sharpen her mental focus and increase dynamic energy, she was given E3 Live Algae.        Within days after treatment Shelbury won a $25,000 maiden race at Woodbine at 87-1 odds!  However, Shelbury came up very lame after the race on Woodbine's poly track.  The vet believed the horse had fractured her pelvis and wanted to xray.  I energy-scanned the horse and felt that there was only soft tissue damage caused by running on the poly track.  I felt the horse had been bumped and emotionally traumatized in the race, causing her muscles to badly contract and hold the trauma 
The filly was tested by computerized analysis which corroborated my 'feeling' that the damage was not life threatening or permanent.  I then applied Reiki energy healing.  The horse was tested immediately after my treatment and showed a significantly improved reading.  I told the trainer the horse needed 3 days to fully recover.
After 3 days, with the vet in attendance, Shelbury was led from her stall and walked down the shed row.  The vet was astounded.  After walking a few yards, Shelbury began to walk off  completely sound.  She raced just 9 days later


Let's Get Trashy's story ... 'Natasha' didn't trust people at all.  But, after just one animal communication session accompanied by Reiki energy healing and a custom botanical frequency blend, Natasha's trainer reported that she was a completely different horse!  Suddenly, humans were her best friends!  She absolutely LOVES Reiki and will position her body just where she wants the energy directed.  Natasha had great success throughout the entire race season


Angel's story ....  Angel is a champion games quarter horse.  When her performance and focus suddenly dropped and Angel began running out on her barrel and pole bending patterns, her owner called.  Following an animal whispering session, a custom flower frequency blend was given to Angel.  Within minutes Angel relaxed and mentally shifted.  Her owner Ron Lee reports Angel is now perfoming better than ever.  More importantly, he feels the session restored Angel's trust in him and deepened their emotional bond

Flash's story ... Flash was a 14 yr old thoroughbred gelding.  He was a great trail horse until a few years ago.  Then, he suddenly become so insecure and 'buddified', he would become frantic if his companion was not by his side.  That made it impossible for his owner to ride him or even take him out for grass along the roadside.  His owner was at her wit's end.  After animal communication to learn the source of Flash's anxiety, we tested for the ideal frequencies for him.  After just 2 weeks on his custom botanical formula, Shelley was able to regularly ride Flash again and trailer him to distant locations for special trail rides

Here is Shelley's own story about Flash's recovery....  "I have started easing my horses back into grass, and we like to walk and graze down the road. For the last year when I get to the end of the road, Flash would refuse to turn right. That meant being ponyed on a trail ride. Turning left means being dropped off in the neighbour's paddock while I trail ride without him. It was disappointing that he didn't want to go anymore, but that was his choice.
Today, was a very different story. Flash turned the corner all ready to go for a nice long walk. I decided to take him down the trail. He was dragging me. I decided to turn him loose (he has no access to the road).  This is something we use to always do so he could feel like a mustang and be free. Today he was trotting and cantering and just having a great ol' time.
When we got back we did a nice grooming session, and he gave me one of his famous hugs. He was so appreciative of his day, and just thoroughly enjoyed himself.  That said, I feel like a million bucks. I just want to say THANK YOU, I don't feel I would be here sending this e-mail about my wonderful day, if it wasn't for your help."

Buddy's story ... Brenda Langendoen of BNR Stables in Effingham ON is a popular western coach and horse trainer.  She has owned Buddy, a dark bay quarter horse, for about 5 years.  Buddy was spooky, especially when approached from his left side, and was very mistrusting of people. Brenda had to work long and hard to relax and warm up Buddy before training.  It was never a pleasant experience for either of them, and, as a result, Brenda found she rode the horse less and less over time.  Brenda called me to see if we could eliminate Buddy's tendancy to shy when approached on the left.  Vet checks could find nothing physically wrong with the horse.   

We began with Reiki energy healing to relax Buddy, and then performed Kinesiology to pinpoint his emotional issues.  During and afterward, Buddy deeply relaxed and stretched for the first time.  He immediately became more friendly.  After Buddy had his first dose of custom blend, Brenda's boarders noticed a such a difference in the horse, that they requested testing sessions for their own horses!  Buddy no longer shies when approached.  He is calm, relaxed, and co-operative.  Brenda is delighted that she no longer needs to warm up before riding.  She is now enjoying training Buddy and she is still in awe that just 15 drops in water can so profoundly affect a 1200 lb horse! 

Here is Brenda's update ... "I rode Buddy yesterday after a week off and usually he would be super stressed after a week off but he was quiet from the start!  I could ride with loose reins and he didn’t try to run off!!! At All!!!   Incredible!  He did a couple little “spooks” that he usually does but it was significantly less then before – like a 90% decrease in intensity!  So Awesome – there are no words!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"   After only a month, Brenda was able to take Buddy to a horse show where he performed flawlessly without even needing a warm up, and placed second in his class! 

Brenda deeply cares about the emotional wellbeing of both her horses and her students and boarders.  She was so impressed with the improvement in Buddy, she now has all her schooling horses on our botanical frequencies to keep them emotionally balanced and happy during the challenges of working with students.  Her skeptical husband has now had his two draft horses tested.  Some of Brenda's boarders also requested testing for their horses and we spent a day at BNR helping them better understand their horses and providing custom testing to help balance their behavior.   An emotionally balanced horse makes for a more positive experience for all!  Here is what Brenda says ... "We all really enjoyed Monday as well and are seeing improvements in many of the horses and owners!  I have some more horses I would like to get done at some point ..."

Here is what one of Brenda's boarders had to say after treating her paint horse Jasper "you came to BnR last Monday and I got some drops for my horse Jasper and I; here's an update :  For my lesson when we were walking across the parking lot Jasper was calm and relaxed, he was very aware of everything but for the first time ever his muscles weren't all bunched up and tense; ready to spook : During the lesson we worked on games, and for the first time he was going fast but under control i felt very very comfortable on him
On saturday we took him to a show (technically his first, we got there and it was cancelled due to winds the last time), night and day difference between the first time we were there and now. He walked off the trailer, looked around and followed me with his head down, practically falling asleep! He was AWESOME at the show, he stayed under control and was soooooooo good; he's like an old professional the way he was standing with everyone.  He's yet to spook, which is amazing!!  For me i feel alot calmer, less embarrassed, more talkative.  THANK YOU!!! 
Heather T

"A Unique Experience" by thoroughbred owner Lorna P.....Lorna was chatting with her friend about her husband, Trainer Jack Wilson who had died two years ago at Presque Isle Downs race track in Pennsyvania.  They talked about how much they missed him.  Lorna said "Jack had a way of always making you feel good about yourself" 

The next day I arrived at the track to treat 'Forbidden Dreams', a racehorse owned by Lorna.  I had never met Lorna or the horse, and had arrived on a referral from another trainer.  I asked what the health or behavior issue was and Lorna said the horse just seemed off and wasn't performing well.  I entered the stall to communicate with the horse and assess him.  Here is Lorna's description ... "She entered his stall.  It was her first visit to our stable.  Lori stood against the wall.  Forbidden Dreams immediately went to her.  He sniffed her, up one arm and down the other, then proceeded to do the same with her legs.  I have never seen this with horses.  Lori's remark was "He is a very sad horse."  Then she said Forbidden Dreams was telling her "He misses his trainer (Jack) because he had a way of always making him feel good about himself."  I stood in astonishment and said to Lori "I can't believe this, I just said those very same words to my friend last night."  Lori looked at me and smiled, she replied "This what I do."  The incident I just described proves to me there are many things around us that our human minds cannot understand, and things that happen that cannot be explained.  Also, I know that our loved ones who have passed away are still with us and watching over us."  Lorna asked that I dedicate this story to her grandson Billy Cebrynski, who recently lost his best friend Jesse in a tragic accident

update ....Lorna reports that the next day when she came to the racetrack Forbidden Dreams immediately came to the stall door to happily greet her.  She was delighted, as he had not done that in the past two years since her husband had died   

Deville's win .... Standardbred 'Devil' races in Australia.  This is his first year of racing.  We tested Deville and his stablemate Bachelor using remote testing.  After 9 days on our 'Equine Performance Blend', Devil achieved a commanding win.  "He led all the way, we are so proud of him."   His owner Tracy says that she notices her trotters are now more focused and confident after receiving EPB and they are more 'in tune' with both her and her husband, who is their trainer.  They give everything thay have to each race ..... and you can't ask for more than that!  Tracy says of her other standardbred "Bachelor, "He does like to take his 'joy juice' and is a willing participant. I never need a headstall on him to do this.  Are the drops working.... I would have to say yes... somethings seem subtle and then other things you question whether it is the drops or just the horse improving.... But I know the drops are doing something"  


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