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Are you Listening to your Pet?


As an animal communicator, one of the compaints I sense most from animals is that no one listens to them and they are not heard.  They try to communicate in the natural ways they know, such as body language and expressions, but humans just don't pay attention or recognize these subtle communication signals

Imagine how you would feel if you were in a place where no one spoke your language and you couldn't make yourself understood, even by sign language

Eventually this can cause the animal to act out, or to shut down and not even try any more.  Emotional 'shut-down' is most evident with working animals such as horses.  When performance animals are being forced to do something that isn't right for them and they cannot make you understand through their behavior, or you aren't listening to them, they will simply stop putting out any effort.  That's when performance suffers.  Learn more about horses and how to improve their performance ....      

Just like people, animals are deeply affected by the world around them, by accidental or intentional abuse, by emotional trauma, and by not getting their needs met.  Just like people, they have emotionals needs, suffer from self-esteem issues, and want to feel a sense of usefulness, belonging, and value to others.  And when they aren't receiving what they need, they develop what we describe as 'negative behviors'


Why animals may need healing ....

  • Frustration from being unable to communicate
  • Anger or depression from rough handling or mental or physical cruelty
  • Inadvertant abuse through ignorance of the animal's needs
  • Depression or frustration from confinement
  • Grief from a loss of companion or change in circumstances
  • Accidents, shock, situations that cause a lot of fear
  • Neglect, loneliness
  • Boredom


How to effortlessly end negative behaviors

How do you 'counsel' an animal with bad behavior?  Re-training is costly, time-consuming, and doesn't always last.  And punishment for bad behavior is cruel and unwarranted when the animal is desperately trying to communicate that they are unhappy and out of balance  

So, how can you quickly and safely restore balance to your pet and effortlessly stop unwanted behaviors?   We offer a unique hands-on protocol that takes 1.5-3 hours.  It's gentle, non-invasive. and astoundingly effective

Our revolutionary protocol allows you a gentle, profoundly effective way to restore optimal performance and joy to your dog, cat or horse simply by introducing higher frequencies that balance and optimize their energy field.  As a result, they easily release traumas, stress, long-standing health problems and emotional issues, while enhancing performance and well-being.   How does it work?

Our services  First we assess the animal in its own environment.  This requires a house or stable call.  If your animal is located outside of Niagara Region, or is extremely timid or violent, we can perform an accurate assessment using a recent photo of the animal.  Email us with a photo.  We'll tell you whether or not we can help your animal.  Since it is important to you, me, and the animal that we get results, we won't waste your time or ours if the animal needs another avenue of assistance

We then use applied kinesiology, a safe, natural, non-invasive testing protocol to determine exactly which emotional frequencies are out of balance.  No guesswork.  We'll give you exact, specific answers that will make sense to you.  You'll be amazed as you discover exactly what your animal is feeling and where/why it is out of balance.  We may also use Reiki energy to assist in the re-balancing or to address health or lameness issues we find

Since we use actual vibrational frequencies in the testing, by the time we have completed the session your animal will already show measurable improvement and be well on their way to joyful, serene balance.  It's that fast!  We'll provide a custom-designed formula of safe, natural botanical frequencies to add to your animal's drinking water for a couple weeks to ensure the transformation continues and is lasting.  That's it!     When an animal is restored to balance, the results are incredible on many levels ... and that will make both you AND your pet very happy!   

Our frequency formulas are completely safe, gentle and natural.  They can be given to baby animals, sick animals, and animals on medication, but are best given at a different time so you can identify when or how a medication is affecting the animal.  Simply add the recommended dosage to the drinking water or add to water and administer by oral dose syringe daily for a couple weeks.  It's that effortless.  It's that effective!  View some testimonials ... 



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