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Natural Healing for Horses

For those who cherish their horses and truly want what's best for them, we offer safe, natural, effective help for behavioral problems and lameness issues.  We help to effortlessly restore physical and emotional balance and joy to your horses! ... and to YOU, too!

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Horses undergo more stress, greater expectations, and experience failure, punishment, abuse and diminishment at greater levels than most other animals.  Even with our kindest intent, we often inadvertantly abuse our horses by subjecting them to our human standards of care instead of what nature intended for the horse.  Learn the 7 ways we are killing our horses with kindness 

So, it should be no surprise that most lameness and health issues have an emotional root.  We are often able to safely and naturally restore health and lameness issues by releasing the emotional origin.  Learn how emotions cause physical health issues


Do you LISTEN to your horse?  Did you know the vast majority of horses feel that their owners and trainers do not listen to them?  They feel frustrated because they can't make themselves heard.  Although they do try to communicate with body language and facial expressions, most horse owners really do not pay attention or understand their 'language'.  Imagine how you would feel in a place where you had no control, didn't speak the same language and could not make yourself understood, even with sign language


It's not all your fault!  Your horse tries hard not to show pain or discomfort.  In nature, revealing weakness or lameness is dangerous because it can make a horse a target for predators.  So, a horse has to be really feeling pain, unhappiness, or illness before you see any evidence of it


Why horses may need healing ....

  • Frustration from being unable to communicate with you
  • Anger or depression from rough handling or punishment
  • Depression or frustration from confinement
  • Grief from a loss of companion or change in circumstances
  • Accidents, shock
  • Lack of companionshipp, loneliness, isolation or neglect
  • Not feeling safe
  • Boredom
  • Care that is unnatural for a horse or does not meet its needs
  • Multiple riders, preventing the horse from bonding deeply with anyone
  • Owners, riders or caretakers have emotional problems in their life at that time
  • Too much work and no 'play'
  • Early or forced weaning

Learn about the 7 ways you are accidently abusing your horse right now ...



Here's what we can do for your horse...

  • Improve attitude, performance and confidence of performance and race horses
  • Restore emotional balance and happiness to abused, injured, or rescued horses
  • Improve willingness, co-operation and attitude when training young or green horses
  • Help horses cope better with stress and change such as moving to a new stable, travel to horse shows, the introduction of a new horse
  • Stop separation anxiety to allow a horse to become more independant and relaxed when alone
  • Ease grief when a horse loses a companion (or you lose your beloved horse)  
  • Lift depression and improve overall happiness, well-being and sense of security
  • Help shy animals gain confidence and social skills
  • Reduce or eliminate vices
  • Promote higher consciousness and awareness in your horse.  You will notice an increased 'intelligence" and more clear communication though body language and an improved ability to understand you
  • Increase emotional bond between horse and owner


We are here to help improve the performance, attitude and behavior of your horse quickly and effectively without costly training or expensive supplements or medication.  We've been riding, training and working with horses for over 30 years.  We specialize in natural techniques for re-balancing horses gently and effectively to improve performance and behavior without chemicals, behavior modification, expensive re-training, medication or tricks.  We work hard to bring out the very best in every horse using our special talent for animal communication, Applied Kinesiology, SCENAR Therapy, Reiki, and our botanical vibrational frequencies.  Learn how vibrational frequencies re-balance emotions and behavior

About us

A Custom Testing Session is just $125 for a 1.5-2 hour session including your custom formula.  Our unique on-site or remote screening protocol will help us determine the exact formula that is right for your individual horse!   No guesswork!  In most cases you'll see positive results almost immediately!  

There is an additional charge of $20 for a house or stable call.  Save with multiple horses on one housecall 

Remote testing is $125 including custom formula.  Shipping added

We also offer SCENAR Therapy and Reiki to reduce pain and speed recovery.  $65 per treatment

Learn more about our services ... 

About us  

To order your horse testing session, remote testing or energy healing call Lori D'Ascenzo in Fonthill ON  905-892-3813  or emai




Our natural techniques and products are particularly effective for performance and working animals such as racehorses and show horses.  These animals undergo more stress, greater expectations, and experience failure, punishment, abuse and diminishment at even greater levels than other horses

Read about our client War Rebel's winning story ....




Yes, we do make stable and racetrack calls anywhere in Niagara Region!  We also offer convenient affordable remote screening for horses located anywhere in the world 

Doesn't your horse deserve to be as happy and stress-free as possible?  To order your horse testing session or remote testing call Lori D'Ascenzo in Fonthill ON  905-892-3813  or email



For do-it-yourself-ers we've created a few special vibrational frequency formulas for the most common psychological  imbalances in horses

Performance Enhancement was created especially for performance and racehorses.  This blend is completely safe and natural and does not interfere with drug screening tests, so it can be used immediately before a race or competition.  Administer for 3 days prior to competition. 

Cost:  $50 for .75 ounce or $60 for 1 ounce (35 doses) or $75 for 2 ounces

  Order  We'll call you to confirm your order and for your credit card # for payment


Performance Enhancement raises the animal's vibration to instill confidence.  This helps remove the damaging effects of control or abuse, and boosts ambition and competitiveness.  Horses with poor performance may suddenly start showing significant improvement.  This blend can't make a horse that has no talent suddenly become a star.  But, if your horse does show potential, or if its performance was once better and has now diminished, this blend can help to enhance it's performance, competitiveness, and confidence considerably  

Read about our client Stashin' Ashes winning story ....




Testimonial:  Thoroughbred and quarter horse trainer W Wolff says "As an experiment, I gave your Performance Horse formula to my 2yr old thoroughbreds when I started to break them.  They had been out in the field for 2 years.  All of them were going well under saddle and ready to go to the track in just 3 weeks!  No separation anxiety when placed in stalls for the first time, no bucking or acting up, in spite of all the new things they experienced.  They all seemed exceptionally confident, sensible, and ready to work hard.  This was the easiest spring breaking session I have ever had."


When thoroughbred trainers find something that improves performance and speed, they want to keep it to themselves.  To tell you their success secrets would mean they will lose their winning edge.  So, most of our clients won't tell you about their success with our services.  But, rest assured we have achieved astounding results for our clients.  Of course, we help backyard horses and family pets, too!

Stop Separation Anxiety  Some animals get very upset when separated from companions, mother, or owners.  We've created a special blend that is highly effective for nullifying separation anxiety in horses and dogs and weanlings.  This blend is also great to administer to a horse before shipping or when moving to a new home

Case Study:  Veteran thoroughbred trainer Mel W. says he no longer ships his horses to the racetrack without first giving them our Stop Separation Anxiety formula to ensure they remain calm throughout the transitionMel discovered our special blend for Separation Anxiety when his 2 yr old filly was shipped to the track for the first time.  Mel tried everything from sedatives to herbal calmers, but nothing worked.  The filly was so distraught and unmanageable that he had to bring her home before she injured herself.  Another trainer offered Mel some of our Stop Separation Anxiety blend and it was so effective in relaxing the filly and stopping her separation anxiety, that Mel now buys our SSA remedy in bulk and routinely uses it on all horses he ships to and from the track.  He also loves our Performance Blend, gaining an immediate win on an older horse that had not performed well for quite some time See  Mel's testimonial and photos and testimonials of more winning racehorse clients

Cost:  $50 for .75 ounce or $60 for 1 ounce (35 doses) or $75 for 2 ounces

Order   We'll call you to confirm your order and for your credit card # for payment  

It's so easy to administer our natural remedies--just place a few drops in drinking water, an oral dose syringe, or on grain ration for 3-21 days!  You'll begin to notice a difference within 20 minutes 


Another Case Study:  Flash is was 14 yr old thoroughbred gelding who was a great trail horse until a few years ago.  Then, he suddenly become so insecure, he would not let his stable mate out of his sight.  That made it impossible for his owner to ride him or even take him out to graze grass along the roadside.  Lameness gradually developed as his emotional issues worsened.  His owner was at her wit's end.  After an animal communication session to discover the source of Flash's anxiety, and just 2 weeks on a custom blend, Shelley is now able to ride Flash alone and even trailers him for trail rides with friends.  Read Shelley's story about Flash's recovery....  Learn more about our services ...

more testimonials


ReviveAll   to reduce stress and speed recovery following competition or trauma.  Add the drops to a racehorse's water immediately after racing and see how fast the horse cools out!  You may also find your horses recover faster from the stress and strain of competition to come back and race or compete again sooner 

Cost:  1 ounce bottle $35  (35 doses) 

Order  We'll call you to confirm your order and for your credit card # for payment

For a list of veterinarians specializing in homeopathy visit the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy    American Holistic Veterinary Association   Alternative Veterinary Medicine


SHIELD for SENSITIVE ANIMALS   From grooms, jockeys, blacksmiths and trainers, to cheering or jeering crowds, your performance horse is subjected to myriads of different people whose 'emotional baggage' and negative moods impact your sensitive horse.  When a rider mounts your horse, his root chakra (seat of fear, anger) connects to your horse's wide-open heart chakra.  The horse acts like an energetic sponge absorbing that person's moods and emotional debris.   Use Madame Fate to shield your horses from negative emotions and energies of riders and in their environment

Cost:  1 ounce bottle $35  (35 doses)

Order   We'll call you to confirm your order and for your credit card # for payment


Doesn't your horse deserve to be as happy and stress-free as possible?  To order your horse testing session, pre-mixed formula, or remote testing call Lori D'Ascenzo in Fonthill ON  905-892-3813  or email 


 Love horses and natural healing?   Liz Mitten Ryan uniquely combines both.  Learn about her Equine Assisted Re-connective Therapy and Healing (E.A.R.T.H.) Programs  at Equinisity

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