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The 7th Sense

Evolution has provided all living things with a range of senses to interpret and interact with the world.  Senses are controlled by the same part of the brain that stores memory.  That is no co-incidence, as remembering sensations or experiences allows all living things to move toward pleasure and avoid pain or danger 

So, the most important function of the senses is to ensure you seek to have your needs met.  Basic needs comprise safety and survival, security, closeness with others, challenge and growth, happiness, self-esteem, balance, and fullfillment. Both animals and humans strive to satisfy each of these needs.  Simply put, the goal is to reach your comfort zone to stay safe, healthy and happy 

Each sense focuses on and interprets energy waves such as heat, light, and sound in a different way.  The senses of taste and smell allow you to enjoy food--a mechanism that ensures you get enough nutrients, and don't eat foods that might be poisonous.  In fact, the olefactory sense triggers your most powerful memory response

Touch allows you to experience pleasure and pain, the ability to physically connect, as well as the ability to interpret whether something is good or bad for you.  Hearing and sight allow you to become aware of what is around you

Your sixth sense allows you to 'feel' what is intangible.  It picks up highly subtle clues from your environment such as body language, voice inflections, energy patterns and auric fields, thought waves, intent

Everyone has this sense, and everyone uses it to some degree, especially when another sense becomes limited, such as when in the dark.  But, because of its complexity and subtlety, few understand how to use this sense to its fullest degree. And because you are constantly bombarded by sensory input, your subtle sixth sense sometimes gets drowned out.  Animals, however, are highly adept at using all of their senses, especially their sixth sense of 'feeling'      

Mammals also possess a seventh sense, although few understand that it is an actual sense.  The seventh sense is your emotions.  This special sense is designed to make you conscious of what is helpful or harmful to you and whether or not your needs are being met. 

Do animals have emotions?  Yes, they do!  Science has now verified that animals possess the areas of the brain relating to emotions.  In fact, this is one of the most primitive parts of the brain, because, as with all the other senses, emotionas are a mechanism designed to ensure our needs are met

The degree of intensity felt by emotions prompts you to take action to ensure your needs do become satisfied.  Emotions like happiness, satisfaction, and fullfillment tell you that your needs are being properly satisfied.  The purpose of 'negative' emotions such as fear, anger, boredom, resentment, and frustration is to make you aware that your needs are NOT being met

That makes emotions very important to a sense of wellbeing and survival.  Yet, like people, animals can become 'stuck' and unable to process or understand what they are feeling. 

The sole purpose of feeling an emotion is to prompt you move toward what is making you feel good, or to move you to take steps to change or rectify what is wrong so that you can get your needs met.  That makes emotions one of the most important senses! 

Negative feelings are particularly intense because they need to force change.  So, when you ignore or suppress your 'negative' feelings, you ignore their message, and therefore don't take the necessary action to change what is uncomfortable or wrong in your life

Animals express negative emotions through their behavior and attitude.  When we ignore or don't understand that the animal is simply trying to get its needs met, we exacerbate the problem

For example, feeling anger and agression reveals a perception of danger, or a lack of fairness is occuring.  And that makes anger a GOOD thing, as long as we recognize and satisfy the need behind the emotion!   But, if you don't take appropriate action to rectify the need for safety or perceived unfairness, the animal's behavior will become negative, and that is a bad thing

An animal feels fear when safety or security is being jeopardized.  It prompts 'flight or fight' instincts, to keep the animal safe and alive.  Stress is one form of fear.  Mostly it is the fear that you are not adequate to cope with the responsibilities at hand.  And, just like people, animals do feel stress.  In fact, 'prey' animals such as rabbits and horses feel stress to much higher levels than predatory animals such as cats or dogs

Animals feel lonely when their need for companionship and connection to another is not being met.  Herd or pack animals feel this need more deeply.  But, if an animal is confined or left alone for extended periods and cannot satisfy their need for companionship and closeness, they will start to have negative behaviors

Boredom is an indication that challenge and growth is not occuring.  When an animal is unable to fulfill their need for challenge and growth, vices such as cribbing, weaving, chewing, or tearing apart cushions ensue

Frustration is an emotion that is felt when the animal tries unsuccessfully or ineffectively to get its needs met.  Depression follows frustration.  It occurs when the animal gives up and no longer tries.  Depression is a shut-down of the entire seventh sense process.  Using drugs to combat depression only feeds the escapism and low self-esteem that is the source of depression     
When you balance an animal's emotions in a conscious way, behavior and attitude dramatically change.  Your bond and relationship with the animalimprove

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