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Emotional Balancing for Dogs and Cats

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened"


They share our lives.  They share our homes.  They share our love.  They learn from us.  And, because of this, they may also share our emotional issues! 

Is your  dog or cat exhibiting undesireable behavior?  A happy, balanced dog is affectionate, well-behaved and respectful.  A happy, well-balanced cat is serene, playful, and affectionate.  Does this describe your pet?


Why dogs may need healing ....

  • Frustration from being unable to communicate with you
  • Anger or depression from rough handling or punishment
  • Depression or frustration from confinement
  • Lack of social structure and rules or boundaries
  • Grief from a loss of companion or change in circumstances
  • Accidents, shock
  • Lack of companionshipp, loneliness, isolation or neglect
  • Not feeling safe
  • Boredom
  • Care that is unnatural for a dog or does not meet its needs
  • Abandonment, multiple owners or caretakers, preventing the animal from bonding deeply with anyone
  • Owners or caretakers have emotional or family problems in their life at that time
  • Too much work and no 'play'
  • Early or forced weaning.  see our special formula for weanlings...


Here's what we can do for your dog or cat ...

  • Improve attitude
  • End vices and bad behaviors
  • Help your pet  cope with stress and change including travel, moving to a new home, the introduction of a new animal, person or baby, visits to the vet
  • Stop separation anxiety, eliminate dependance, jealousy and possessiveness
  • Help with grief after the loss of a companion
  • Allow forgiveness and acceptance
  • Nullify depression and improve overall happiness, well-being and sense of security
  • Help shy animals gain more confidence and social skills
  • Help you understand your pet better
  • Elevate awareness and consciousness in your pet.  You'll notice your pet is more sentient, more 'intelligent', with enhanced body language communication, more 'depth' in the eyes, and a better comprehension when you speak
  • Deepen your pet's emotional bond with you



 A personal 2-3 hr session is $145 for dogs and cats including initial assessment and interview, kinesiology, energy scan, and custom vibrational Frequency formula.  Reiki healing may be performed as needed.  Discount for multiple animals on one housecall

Please add $20 for a house or stable call within Niagara Region 

Remote testing is $125 including custom formula.  Shipping extra


ANIMAL RESCUE  We can also assist with abused, injured, or rescued animals (including wild animals) or animals adopted from the Humane Society

"Within every stray lies the singular desire to be loved"



WEANING  This formula is especially for animal babies ... puppies, kittens and livestock youngsters such as colts and calves undergoing the trauma of weaning from their mothers.  It effectively eases anxiety and strengthens independance.  Administer daily for 3 days.  Starts to work in 20 minutes

Stop Separation Anxiety  Some animals get very upset when separated from companions, mother, or owners.  We've created a special formula that is highly effective for nullifying separation anxiety in dogs and horses.  This blend is also great to administer when moving to a new home.  Administer daily for 3 days.  Starts to work in 20 minutes 


Cost:  $50 for .75 ounce or $60 for 1 ounce (35 doses) or $75 for 2 ounces

Order   We'll call you to confirm your order and for your credit card # for payment  

It's so easy to administer our natural remedies--just place a few drops in drinking water, an oral dose syringe for 3-21 days!  You'll begin to notice a difference within 20 minutes 




Enlightened Feelings for Pets

Creating happy animals & owners through Behavior Balancing for Dogs, Cats and Horses

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