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Our Animal - Human Connection

Animals that show up in your life are very special.  They are your teachers as well as your students.  From you, an animal learns about complex or evolved emotions such as compassion, as well as about self-awareness.  By opening themselves up energetically to us, animals literally experience our feelings

It is no accident that you choose a particular animal or that animal chooses you.  Humans seek to validate their feelings.   Therefore, they generally choose human and animal companions that either mirror their points of view, or are diametrically opposed

Animals are born to express certain personality characteristics that are important for the owner to recognize.  Often they will express what we are suppressing.  You are drawn to what the animal has to teach you.  The gentle, day to day prodding creates the opportunity for change, while a human relationship with the same lesson may prove to be too threatening

For example, a very playful cat or dog might be trying to get you to 'lighten up' and enjoy life more.  An adventurous or very fearful animal might be showing that you need to expand your horizons and try new things.  A very demanding cat may be pointing out that you need to take charge and make more demands in your own life.  If you don't heed the lesson, the animal may eventually give up, leave you, or possibly even become depressed.  Not only will you have missed the gift, but you will have hampered the animals' ability to experience joy and happiness   

Sometimes an animal's owner subconsciously becomes aware of the lesson or role the animal has offered, but is unwilling to change.  In that case, the animal may leave or die when it senses its owner's discomfort or the situation is too uncomfortable to continue.  Or, the person may begin to view the animal as threatening or undesireable and get rid of the animal.  In that case, the owner has an opportunity to re-examine his own priorities and motivations

Animals may come into your life in order to teach you something by their leaving.  For example, a person who is too willing to give up on an animal that is not perfect may be too willing to give up on a relationship that is not perfect.  A person who has to give up her pets in order to receive something even more important, such as relationship in distant location, demonstrates a great deal of bravery and commitment to her partner, and her animals make the owner very aware of her choices

Sometimes an animal may begin to exhibit undesireable behavior.  Since emotions are the sense we use to determine whether or not we are getting our needs met, undesireable behavior is an indication that the animal is unhappy and its needs are not being met.  Animals have the same needs as humans ... survival, safety (security), companionship and socializing, self esteem and fullfillment.  When those needs are being ignored, the animal will feel threatened or insecure or lonely

Undesireable behavior can also be caused by the animal picking up its owner's feelings and mirroring them.  That's why when I treat an animal, I will sometimes provide the same remedy for the owner

If your pet or horse is showing undesireable behavior or depression, we can help.  Call us for a custom test and flower essence blend.  We can help you and your animal to achieve optimum balance and relaxed happiness.  Learn how we can help ...



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