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Enlightened Feelings Practitioner Single Flower Essences for Pets

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These living pet essences were specially created to be more gentle and suited to the unique needs and metabolism of animals and children.  They have a 5% alcohol content.  Custom mix and create your own remedies as often as you need them!  Use single essences, experiment and sample, or custom mix remedies according to your pet's individual needs.  All essences and remedies are human-grade.  Instructions are included 

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  Animal Single Essences

"Achillea Blanco for Pets" 
Helps eliminate frustration from not being able to understand or be understood, so improves rapport.  Helps to clear the throat chakra   





Gently assists with with feelings of abandonment, grief, or feeling alone or unloved.  Dissolves feelings that you don’t have a right to be here.  Assists with fear of death.  Adds sweetness to life.  Opens and activates the higher heart center  




"Ajuga for Pets" 
Grounds, centers & stabilizes while it expands and clears the aura of emotional and energetic debris absorbed from humans and other animals.   Cleanses the liver  





"Alba Dicentra"
Opens the heart to promote peace, calm, purification, forgiveness, generosity, heart healing, transcendence, and pureness of heart.  Counteracts anger.  High vibration of this essence allows for miracles or transformation  





Releases self-punishment, self-sabotage, self-diminishment, and the belief that you must suffer for your mistakes or sins 






"Anchusa Capensis"
A lovely nurturng essence that helps you slow down and be in the moment




Promotes calm, poised, unshakable confidence, self-esteem, and self acceptance.  Helps you feel competent, capable, and rooted 




"Aquillegia for Pets"
Addresses issues of unbalanced ego and pride such as embarrassment, humiliation, resentment, stubborness, self-righteousness, or not being flexible.  Stops venting of impatience and trapped anger.  Helps release inflammation and pain in joints.  Addresses urinary and liver ailments  



"Bearded Iris"
For those who tend to over-nurture or sacrifice themselves for others.  Gently nurtures and protects the innocence of those who are weak, gentle, delicate, or vulnerable.  Provides a sense of belonging, safety, family and protection for those who feel alone   



Eases depression and stress by releasing ‘stuck’ state & reconnecting you to enjoyment of physicality, senses, and feelings 




"Birdsfoot Trefoil"   
An important essence to stop obsession, control issues or hoarding.  Fosters acceptance.  Helps you let go of the past.  Helps you surrender to 'Let go and let God' 




"Black-Eyed Susan"
Instills self acceptance for those holding on to old hurts, old beliefs, and negative self-judgment about being ostracized, different or not belonging or fitting in  




Balances over-nurturing tendancies. Helps you restore and hold your balance while extending your nurturing outward.  Instills feeling of all is well.  Provides joy and an open heart   




Expansive and loving, Bouganvillea heals heartache caused by mistakes, regrets, self-doubt, and self-judgment.  Its energy of encircling love, open receptivity, pleasure, and generosity promotes inner peace, self-love, quiet self-acceptance and inner strength.  It invites others to love you  




Brassica instills quiet inner strength, confidence, grounding and self-sufficiency to help you transcend failure, neglect, rejection and invalidation.  It helps you draw your power from self rather than others.  Brassica helps with overcoming denial, failure and hardship. It quells embarrassment to allow acceptance and integration of the situation.  It provides protection from judgments and invalidation of others 





When you feel attacked or not safe or not respected, helps you stay in balance, neutral & even-minded






Neutralizes self pity, weakness, and feeling burdened or struggling.  Helps you find inner strength  




"Campanula for Pets" 
Promotes self acceptance and self-integration of all aspects & elements of oneself.  Repairs disconnect that occurs when you are trying to be what you think others want.  Stops the habit of playing a role to please others.  Releases fear of being misunderstood.  Allows you to fearlessly be your true self   





"Cardinal Flower for Pets"
Shields & provides inner strength from issues for those who feel weak, vulnerable, sensitive, or violated.  Allows you to feel safe, secure and grounded.  Releases anger, fear, and impatience resulting from insecurity.  Supports root chakra  




"Centaurea for Pets"
Eases frustration for pets who experience injustice or are not getting their needs met.  Cools hot temper and over-reaction.  Strengthens throat chakra and thyroid  




Calming, sedating





Provides an inner shield for pets who are gullible, overly compassionate, empathic, or sensitive.  Provides discernment about who to trust.  Stops defensive habit patterns 




"Comfrey for Pets" 
Comforting, detoxifying.  Sweeps away damage to your auric field and cells caused by EMF’s or people's negative energies.  Encircles, clears, balances & energizes the auric field.  Helps you let go of things you are holding onto, esp toxic anger    





"Cranberry Peony"
Smoothes out emotional static and de-fragments the body’s electric system.  De-stresses.  Releases worries.  Enhances other essences   



"Creeping Jenny for Pets" 
Clears blocks from the auric field of anything that prevents receiving.  Opens you to receiving of love and benefits of all kinds.  Enables you to have more on all levels  




Provides strength and support when you feel unappreciated, undervalued, need to face issues, need support or nourishment, or when you need to be supporting to others.  Allows you to be cheery, resilient, humble, and persevering.  Assists with lower back pain   



"Day Lily for Pets"
Assists with endings loss, transition or death of all kinds.  Helps animal move on and not get stuck, appreciate the value of living in each moment, and not get stuck mourning your loss or what you no longer have  




Opens and heals the heart.  Heals grief and a heavy heart.  Helps animal love without attachment or possessiveness.  Instills the feeling ’I’m going to be OK’  





Mends, unites, balances, supports and heals in all areas--relationships, psyche, body.  Balancing effect helps to strengthen the immune system.  Helpful following surgery or injury when the body needs to re-unite and mend.  Enhances spine and immune system   



"Eupatorium Maculatum"
Rescue remedy.  Anti-stress.  Very grounding, stabilizing soothing essence that helps to balance the mental and emotional mind.  Ideal for those who are overly emotional or hypersensitive.  Useful immediately after an emotional trauma.  Also useful following conflict or fights.  Aids with integrating information and sensory input when it tends to overwhem you     



"Euphorbia for Pets" 
For those who are weak and allow others to dominate or control them or for those who give up too easily.  Ideal for issues resulting from parental dominance or over-mothering.  Promotes self-mastery, self-protection, loving self-acceptance, self-friendship   


"Euphorbia Polychroma for Pets"
Good for those who need focus, and self-discipline.  Brings together scattered energies.    Promotes self-appreciation, self-respect, and self-acceptance.  Helps you appreciate and understand your value to others.  Allows you to feel safe, protected, confident, capable.  Assists shyness 



"Evening Primrose for Pets" 
Helps you have joyous enthusiasm for your work and embrace it fully.  Helps you balance emotional fulfillment with practical details.  Provides grounding, practicality, fortitude, determination, enthusiasm.  Supports the solar plexus area   




"Forget Me Not for Pets"
For those who have a hard time staying fully present in the moment.  Calms internal chatter.  Releases negative energy from solar plexus--fear, doubt, worry, dread, shame, failure, criticism, judgement, dishonesty.  Complements and supports other essences   




Promotes intimacy and heart to heart rapport between animal and owner, or parent and child.  Assists with heart problems resulting from unfulfilling love   




Promotes calm confidence and helps you stand your ground.  Especially helpful for those who are bullied or meek   




"Hesperis for Pets" 
For those with an overdeveloped conscience and resulting deep guilt feelings of blame for whatever seems wrong around you.  Releases inherited traits   





"Ruffled Hibiscus"  
Opens and clears congestion and fear from the hips and pelvic region, as well as the chest.  Hibiscus instills a sense of playfulness, adventure, boldness and daring, allowing more confidence, enthusiasm, and open willingness in trying new experiences.  Hibiscus can help you get out of a rut and free of attachment   





A powerful push/nudge for those who are lethargic, bored, depressed, overwhelmed, or lack motivation.  Breaks inertia and procrastination.  Provides energy to act  



Promotes clarity for those who have shut down or are running away from their emotions.  Balances mental and emotional to help you gain a new perspective. Stops resistance to change by shifting your perspective  





"Jack in the Pulpit"  

Helps you come out of your shell and become willing to try something new 






"Jacob's Ladder"
Promotes respect for yourself.  Helps you be OK with being different from others   




"Lady's Mantle" 
Promotes loving, gentle, heart centred core honesty.  Dissolves the need to play roles to gain acceptance   



"Lamb's Ear"
This powerful essence releases ALL types of 'childhood' trauma including abuse, adoption, abandonment, bullying, lack of nurturing, or birth trauma.  Clears DNA of what you learned from your parents.  Allows you to be strong without losing softness.  Assists with fear of mothering or becoming a mother.  Provides inner 'child' with a safe, neutral space  




Helps you set boundaries & not let others take advantage of you




"Ligustrum for Pets"
Promotes serene acceptance for those who feel trapped, restricted or obligated.  Releases resentment and that trapped feeling.  Shifts you into bliss to help you feel at ease




"Lilac for Pets"
Expands your connection to others, allowing you to engage with life. Creates sense of self-acceptance, well-being, ease.  Helps you feel more understood by others.  Dispels dissention  




"Lily of the Valley for Pets"
Releases despair and hopelessness.  Helps you find beauty and sweetness in life, despite hardship.  Protects and maintains strength through abuse and keeps you from becoming jaded.  Quells trauma from anger and harsh words.  Instills compassion, understanding, sweet kindness






"Lysmachia for Pets" 
For those who are shy and insecure when with others.  Helps create social ease and a sense of personal security.  Allows animal to be more outgoing, open, and comfortable with attention.  Helps animal to set boundaries.  Builds tolerance  




"Marguerita for Pets" 
For pets who seek approval or be overly accomodating in order to be loved or accepted 




"Meadow Rue" 
Aids in forgiveness of self and others.  Helps pet transcend issues related to breach of trust, hurt feelings, and feelings of regret or remorse.  Releases resistance to forgiving.  Builds self-trust  




Opens the heart & emotions for those who have shut down.  Helps you feel with greater clarity & understanding.  Enables trust.  Instills loving kindness and compassion 




Calming support to push through fears, anxiety, stress, or when security is threatened  




Neutralizes feelings of abandonment, neglect or rejection and their resulting control issues   





Uplifting.  Instills happiness and joy





"Obsidian Iris"
Purges the heart and body of longheld hurts, emotional wounds and emotional baggage.  Allows you to keep your heart open even when abused





Helps you adapt to change.  Releases resistance and attachment.  Quells homesickness.  Ideal for those who transplanted to another home or stable.  Helps you feel like you belong wherever you go   



"Ornithogalum for Pets"
For those with the overguarded belief that they can only count on themselves, that others will let them down.  Restores faith, hope, and trust and releases the need to control situations   




Instills courage for those who have a disabling fear or apprehension.  Infuses love and light, compassion, trust, and faith into fear to transform and subside it   





"Peony Trio"
Promotes a shift in attitude to help you become open, willing, co-operative and forward moving.  Enhances other essences 





"Phaleanopsis Orchid"    
Radiates out to nNeutralizes negative feelings about yourself and helps you radiate your true core of peace and light.   Good for rescued or abused animals   




"Pink Cloud Gaura"
Dissolves anger and control issues into lightness, joy & happiness.  Instills optimism and feels carefre.  Assists with blocked/defensive sexual energy and blocked solar plexus   




"Pink Peony"
Dispells the disappointment and aversion felt when others are aggressive or assertive.  Calms aggression or pushy nature and helps you take a gentler approach.  Promotes right use of assertiveness 



An excellent motivator that provides inner strength, drive, courage, and a positive attitude.  Helps pet overcome guilt and fear to forge ahead or bounce back from adversity or illness quickly & easily without malice or blame.  Good antidote for stress or overwhelm   




Releases stuck grief, sadness, hopelessness, despair.  Releases trapped, blocked energy below and at thymus and in chest, lungs and thoracic region.  Helpful for anxiety, grief, and for those who have lost their desire to live




"Queen Anne's Lace" 
Supports you though adversity.  Helps you maintain poise, grace, resilience and a positive outlook in spite of life's challenges.  Helps keep you rooted in your life and purpose.  Benefits kidney and bladder afflictions




"Rose of Sharon"
For those who feel diminished, degraded or flawed or feel bad about a weakness or a mistake they have made and are judging or punishing themselves.  Allows you to feel better about yourself.  Instills a lovely sense of joy, contentment and happiness





Promotes open willingness, balance of give and take   





"Scarlet Runner"
Promotes robust vitality and metabolic balance.  Helps you feel clear, grounded and alive.  Clears and balances all chakras and body systems  




A cosy warm gentle essence that promotes gentle mothering feelings and an open heart.  Supports those who are rejected by their mother, or who do not feel mothered.  Promotes rapport and emotional bonding between mothers and babies   





"Stonecrop Sedum for Pets"
Releases fear-based control issues (especially when residing in hips) to create willingness.  Releases blockages from hips, lower and middle spine and back




"Sweet Cicely"
Clears blockages in heart centre to allow joy.  Dissolves feelings of self-diminishment, grief, feeling unworthy of love, heartache, or feeling ostracized or not accepted.  Helps you feel gratitude, love, safe, nurtured  


"Sweet Solidago"
Addresses fear-based security issues, anxiety, trepidation, cowardice, and timidness.  Clears fear-based leg injuries and mild colic.  Balances body’s electric fields and polarity.  Neutralizes stress response to compliments or praise  




"Sweet Woodruff"
Opens you to receive, accept or allow





Quells loneliness, neediness and insecurity.  Promotes independance and lets you be comfortable alone.  Helpful for separation anxiety 





To help animal bond with owner.  Strengthens or deepens bond







"Violet for Pets" 
Opens your heart and helps you  feel nurtured.  Helps you understand your own specialness to increase your sense of self-love and self-appreciation.  Heals heartbreak or heartsickness and allows forgiveness when you have been hurt or traumatized emotionally





"Virgin's Bower"   
Induces Alpha state, activates left brain.  Enhances spacial perception and co-ordination.  Promotes celebration of changes in life.  Good for competition animals




"White Peony" 
Helps to gently balance hormones.  Awakens delight and 'inner child' for spontaneous playfulness   



"White Trillium"  
The uplifting essence of White Trillium is openness, allowance, acceptance and profound peace.  It quells betrayal, shame, humiliation, invalidation by others and all emotional energies that cause you to lose your power




"Wild Rose"
Provides freedom from defensive behavior due to feeling unlovable or less than perfect.  Releases mistrust, defensiveness, and that 'watch your back’ feeling.  Releases the need to be perfect to be loveable.  Promotes unconditional love & acceptance   




"Yarrow Creme"
Helps process anger, grief, and emotional pain.  Overwrites it with love and practical, mature acceptance




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