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About Lori D'Ascenzo

Lori D'Ascenzo's professional services are a subtle and unique blend of extensive study and research, spiritual understanding, practical wisdom, and almost 2 decades of experience.  Lori helps people and animals at the most basic level where health and wellbeing begin--at the energetic and emotional level. 

Distilled from 2 decades of diverse training, research, experimentation, case studies, refinement, and experience, her unique approach to your pets' wellbeing is subtle, but it gets optimal results quickly without pain, struggle or frustration.  Lori believes no one can heal you.  But, those of us with knowledge and experience can support and mentor you to achieve your own healing and balance 

Her specialized techniques include vibrational frequencies, Reiki, SCENAR Therapy, and animal communication. 

Lori's philosophy is that struggle is the universe's way of telling you that you are going down the wrong path.  She always takes the effortless way, and that has led to a life of magical synchronicity and serendipidous events

A lifelong pioneer and trendsetter, Lori has been educating people about the merits of natural therapies and a healthy lifestyle for more than 15 years.  In 1996 Lori began publishing Niagara Region's first holistic health magazine and healthy lifestyle directory.  She expanded into showcasing natural therapies through health expos and public demonstrations to allow people to learn more about natural health options.  She now also develops natural health websites and on-line health directories.  Lori feels that when you become a well informed person, you can make more intelligent choices about your health

Lori's pioneering approach and passion for natural health keeps her on the forefront of emerging quantum medicine.  Over the years Lori has interviewed, studied and learned from some of our planet's most respected scientists and natural health experts.  Much of her work now is distilled from the research of respected scientists such as Bruce Lipton, David Suzuki and William Tiller. 

A dynamic speaker, Lori's presentations on a wide range of topics are a fascinating blend of scientific fact, anecdotal stories, and profound insights.  See our calendar for upcoming presentations by Lori       

Because she is a publisher and medical research writer with extensive knowledge in a wide range of scientific fields, Lori is able to distill through the marketing hype and discover the best of the best in natural products and therapies from the myriad of natural products and services available in the markeplace today.   Whenever she discovers a product that is exceptional and stands ahead of the crowd, she works hard to make sure it is available to Canadians.  FlorAlive and E-3 Live are just two of the beneficial natural products that Lori strongly advocates and has introduced into Canada

Lori grew up on a farm and was a horse whisperer even as a child.  She has owned and worked with horses for more than 30 years.  Her relationships with many of her animals is long and enduring.  Her pets thrive on natural food and therapies and live well beyond the average lifespan  

She has a natural ability to empathize with a horse and understand how they feel.  Her sister is also a horse breeder and trainer, which affords Lori the opportunity to work with many more horses, collecting case studies, honing her skills, and proving the efficacy and consistant reliability of her therapies  

Lori has training in psychology, counselling, SCENAR Therapy, and is also a Reiki Master and an esoteric astrologer, allowing her to add further dimension to her understanding of people and animals at the emotional and soul level.  She is objectively able to help people and animals re-balance themselves on all levels of being.  Learn more about our services

Lori's favorite saying is that we best teach what we most need to learn.  Throughout her life she has faced many traumatic and challenging family and personal emotional experiences and, using the tools she now shares with you ad your pets, Lori has risen above these painful experiences again and again to find happiness and inner peace.  She believes that love and joy are our natural state and everything else we have learned. 

Lori now shares her life and her love with her life-long soulmate and the love of her life, Sam.  Separated by distance in 1980, Lori and Sam found each other again in 2002.  Their fairytale love story is inspiring proof that true love really does endure through all things 

Lori continually demonstrates through her own daily life that your life can be beautiful if you will only choose to release all that is holding you down.  Lori is here to help you and your pets do just that

Amy Whitney captures a fascinating interview with Lori D’Ascenzo on YouTube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ200GF0AjA 


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